Episode 8: No Borders, Migrant Housing Squats, and the Commons in Greece

Episode 8 · September 28th, 2018 · 1 hr 1 min

About this Episode

In this interview, Haris discusses the state’s attack on the Idomeni border camp, the forced relocation of migrants to state run detention centers in the periphery of the city exposing individuals to the most toxic conditions, and efforts by Thessaloniki anti-authoritarian struggles to work with migrants to recuperate housing within the city center itself. Haris also distinguishes squatting in Thessaloniki versus Athens’ Exarchia district. He concludes by discussing the churches and Syriza’s demolition of migrant housing located on church property. We continue the conversation exploring how Greek anti-authoritarian encounters with migrant networks transformed understandings around the commons. In particular, not only creating safe spaces offering all the basic amenities, but spaces of trust and deepening social relations. We then discuss the future of migrant housing squats and self-run camps, the corruption of the refugee aid industry, and the emergence so called “internal” borders within the Greek state restricting movement for migrants refusing to claim asylum within island detention centers.

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Killah P — Zoria

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